Tips On Choosing The Right Fishing Rods

Tips On Choosing The Right Fishing Rods

Deciding which fishing rod to select will initially be a daunting job and an exhausting experience. Fishing rods come in all lengths, models, and styles with varying advantages to help you pursue a selected species. For example, if you take a set of golf clubs, each one is built with different lengths, grip, action, and weight to help maximize the best shot on the course. Equally critical is finding the right fishing rod for you.

Decide about the species you are after and how much you expect to fish before you go to the store to make your fishing rod purchase. Fishing rods come in many versions and differ in size. Whether you just intend to fish once or twice a year, you will not be trying to spend a lot of money on a rod that will last for a long time to come. But understand that you're going to be sacrificing quality and efficiency. If you're a more experienced or professional angler, you'll notice and feel the differences between the higher-quality fishing rods that are built to last longer and hold on.

Length Of The Rod

Fishing rods along with jigging and popping fishing tackle come in several sizes ranging from four feet to nine feet in length. This is measured from the rod’s tip to the rod's butt. When choosing length there are many things to consider:

Place of where you fish

  • If you fish from shore (where you have a smaller casting area)
  • That this needs to be broken down for easy storage
  • When casting or trolling


Lure Weight

The majority of the rods from Gt fishing are labeled with a weight indicating their strength. Some types are ultra-light, medium, extra heavy, and in between. Each group will be given a different set of lure weights. The heavy action rods, for example, have a length of 1 oz or more. When you're uncertain what will be right for you, make sure to always ask the experts where you're buying.


Equally significant, rod motion can vary from Ultra-Light to Extra-Heavy with jigging and popping fishing tackle. Your final move will be the last 1/2 to 1/3 at the end of a fishing line. Heavy action would mean a stiffer tip, and a more generous tip will be a softer action. A Rod or Backbone's "Strength" would be the middle to the lower portion of a thread. For bigger fish or heavier lures, you would usually want a higher "Strength" in your reel.


Make sure you pick the right rod for the gt fishing reel you’re going to use.

Baitcasting and the spinning rods will be the most common fishing rods. Many spinning rods are designed to fish with finesse and cast lighter lures. Also, the spinning reel/rod setup is much easier to cast and is very common among beginning anglers.

Baitcasting reel/rod rig can accommodate a broader variety of lures and fishing applications. To professional anglers, this is a popular approach and the range of lures and techniques is far wider. Baitcasting rod/reel is favored when chasing bass or other big game animals.

Fishing rods are also made as one solid unit or as many as five pieces that break down for easy travel. My recommendation is to stay, if you can, with a single piece fishing rod. If you have more pieces you will probably sacrifice sensitivity and action. Therefore, strong one-piece fishing rods are lighter by weight, so the power/action is more powerful. Longer gt fishing rods usually cast beyond shorter rods, and the line recovery is much easier at a rod 's sweeping hookset. It also makes it suitable for those fishing from a fishing dock or shoreline where it is important to cast away from the shore.

Once you have a basic understanding of these components, handling several fishing rods is essential, and asking questions before you make your purchase. The next move is to spend as much time fishing with your equipment as you can, to better understand how it works.

I'm always asked what rig I prefer, and I think it's nice to have a medium spinning rod and a medium and medium-hard bait cast rig. It will be sufficient to meet most fisheries needs. You should be able to appreciate and understand how will performs after fishing with these three setups, and the situation in which each one of them is required.

Wrap Up

This was all about fishing rods that you must keep in mind while buying one. It is an art to catch the fish and get the best outcome. The better quality of your fishing rod the best fish you will catch.

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