Daiwa J-Braid Dark Green X8 300m

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AED. 112.00

Daiwa J-Braid Line Features:

  • Ultimate quality-tight pitch 8 strand woven construction for pure round profile
  • Daiwa's iconic ultra soft and smooth feel - Like Samurai Braid
  • Made from Ultra Dyneema fiber (same as Samurai)
  • Color remains stable and resists fading
  • 10% extra length for additional value
  • Upgraded strength
  • Made in Japan


#0.8-13Lb(6.0kg) 300m
#1-18Lb(8kg) 300m
#1.5-26Lb(12kg) 300m
#2.5-37.5Lb(17kg) 300m
#3-40Lb(18kg) 300m
#4-58Lb(26.5kg) 300m

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