Favorite X1

AED. 235.00


Functional series of FAVORITE X1 rods for demanding anglers who appreciate first and foremost the high characteristics of the tackle and its reliability. The fast, light and highly sensitive rod form is not inferior in performance to more expensive counterparts. In this case, the forms are strengthened using prepregs with a different direction of the fibers and a special carbon-fiber winding in the butt section. Simple design elements made it possible to make the fishing rod affordable. At its simplicity, the handle is quite ergonomic and conveniently located in the hand, and modern rings are arranged in accordance with the KR-concept.


MODEL         LENGTH,m          WEIGHT               LURE     ACTION

662ML            1.98                      110g                    4-18g     Ex. Fast

662L               1.98                      106g                     2-10g    Mod.Fast

602ExH           1.83                      158g                   20-60g   Ex. Fast

702MH            2.13                      146g                    7-28g     Ex. Fast

802M              2.44                      156g                    7-21g     Ex.Fast

802L               2.44                      130g                    3-12g     Ex.Fast

902MH            2.7                         164g                   10-35     Ex.Fast


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