Hanta Moto 76-6H "KBE Special"

AED. 990.00


Length: 7'6"

Action: Heavy

Lure Weight: 150g

Line Rating: PE4-6

When we talked to Anthony Dillon to develop something for us, he DELIVERED! Modifying the legendary one piece Moto 72, to give us this piece of art! You won't really feel it until you see what you can do with this Moto 76-6H KBE Special.

The unique combination of carbon materials used results in a very light weight but very powerful rod. It is built with a proprietary blend of different weights of Toray Carbon from Japan, finished with an X Wrap technology.

The Moto 76-6H casts seamlessly and if you're working a smallish/medium cup face popper, pencil or stickbait, you will feel every single pop/twitch/hit of the lure.

When the bigger fish come out to play this rod can handle it, just tighten up and go hard 


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