Daiwa UVF Saltiga Dura Sensor 8Braid+Si2 (metered)

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Daiwa UVF Saltiga Dura Sensor 8Braid +Si2 line offers superb abrasion resistant, 300% compared to Daiwa ordinary braids, while keeping the advantages of finely braided line performance.

Daiwa has employed Tough PE fibers and added EVO Silicone 2 process to Saltiga 8Braid to make the line abrasion resistant. Tough PE fibers are thicker than those of previous lines. EVO Silicone process adds more slippery coatings on line surface for longer casting distance and to improve abrasion resistance.

Line is colored in different by every 10m, and it is marked at every 1 meter.

Comes in 300m Spools

Made in Japan

PE1 ... Dia 0.165mm ... 8Kg-test (18lb)

PE1.2 ... Dia 0.185mm ... 9.6Kg-test (21lb)

PE1.5 ... Dia 0.205mm ... 12Kg-test (26lb)

PE2 ... Dia 0.235mm ... 16Kg-test (35lb)

PE2.5 ... Dia 0.26mm ... 19Kg-test (42lb)

PE3 ... Dia 0.285mm ... 22Kg-test (49lb)

PE4 ... Dia 0.33mm ... 24Kg-test (53lb)

PE5 ... Dia 0.38mm ... 30Kg-test (66lb)

PE6 ... Dia 0.405mm ... 36Kg-test (79lb)


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