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Owned and managed by anglers who care about fish and fellow anglers.


KnotBigEnuff / KBE Anglers Hub is a genuine supplier of high performance specialized tackle craved by anglers who only utilize the best in their constant pursuit for a trophy fish.

At KBE Anglers Hub, we source only proven, top-notch products, irrelevant of what price you’re paying, top dollar or few coins, our lures catch fish not only Fishermen. Team’s aim is to provide top quality tackle. We source directly from manufacturers, whenever we can, to offer the best price to our customers.

Based on trust and good relationship with Manufacturers/Suppliers around the World, we have acquired great relationship with some of the Market Leaders; MC Works®, CB One, Takamitechnos, Black Hole N.S., Nomad, Pakula Australia, Hammerhead, MB Custom Lures, Strategic Angler Custom Lures, GPC Japan, Live Target®, Amberjack Lures, Lamble Bait, Current Handmade Lead Works, Black Bart™, Accurate Fishing®, Van Staal®. Our hopes are high; to provide Fishermen who fish the Middle Eastern great fishing grounds, with the best. No success without your support!

Fishing is one of the best sporty hobbies out there, which has this feeling in it, which makes you just “hooked”. This passion can turn into obsession, where people go anywhere around the globe, chasing this big one, but… It’s always “Not Big Enough”, so they keep on chasing! While off season, or when Anglers are not fishing (so have to work), they get into their man’s cave, and sort out their fishing tackle – which can also turn into obsession by itself, where people turn into “tackle collectors”.

Whether you’re a Pro-Fisherman or Collector, KBE Anglers Hub can satisfy your need – we carry some of the equipment and gear that you’d rarely see anywhere, even in its origin Country, as they’re made/customized for this Angler who’s either a keen Fisho or Collector. We have this section on our website called “Phenomenal”, which you’d never see on any other online store, or shop around the World; always updated with the “one offs” and top end tackle.

Our trust in Customers and Suppliers, as well as our passion in this business, has turned it into a one off “shop” where people always check, and almost guarantee that they can get it through us, if not found.

Thanks and tight lines.

KBE Anglers Hub / KnotBigEnuff Team


Tel: +971 4 456 2620
E: info@KnotBigEnuff.com
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Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) - Cluster M
Shop M6-B
Dubai, UAE