Amegari Kaxu 215 FS

AED. 405.00


Amegari Kaxu 215 FS ... Long/short sweeps for splash, bubble trail & "S" motion swimming.

This stick is simply  tuned for exceptional performance in rough conditions. 

Ultra balanced sweeper on both long and short sweeps (splash, bubble trail and vertical and horizontal “S” swim).

Excellent swimmer on linear retrieving. Rough waters tuned.


Lure Weight: 95-100g

Lure Length: 215mm

Floating, carved out of Paulownia wood.


Recommended hooks sizes: BKK RaptorZ 4/0 (both), or 4/0 (belly) and Yamai SPGT #35 (tail)

Amegari is one of our greatest additions to the KBE range, and what a unique one ... unquestionably one of the hottest Tuna and GTs lure in the World right now. Best thing behind this brand success is that Orkatz and Pablo are as passionate about fishing as best in this sport - so how can they get it wrong?!

From Makers ...

"Orkatz and I decided to build up this little company after carving timber lures for 6 years. Along this time, we have produced above 100 fine performing prototypes to go for tunas. We focused on paulownia floating lures because nothing satisfied us more than a surface strike and paulownia is magic when focusing action. During this time we have been improving our lures in search of best fish liking. And that is why Amegari, first of all, is lure action: what moves fish towards surface. We want our lures to sweep or slide. If they dont, we don ́t want them. If in addition they WTD or twitch, much better.
Then we went worried on paulownia lures' durability which comes up short on most lures available carved in this timber. That is why every Amegari lure has a ton of coats to withstand every battle and a wire through construction designed to resist when everything is lost!
Our lures are control tested as they are all different. Very close, but different since we use machinery, but got our own way of doing things so everything is handmade. We pick several from every months production to check action is perfect. We respond for our lures in case of any type of problem.
Our goal with Amegari is to stay close to what we like best, fishing, and to anglers, as we share same interests and passion. Of course, keep on casting like there is no tomorrow. That is why we only build lures in very limited quantity so we can improve every day and take time to make prototypes, cast & cast, search for new artifacts (we like every sort of fishing, of course!!) and still travel everywhere."

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