Amegari S&P Urpekari 160 (ABS)

AED. 145.00

... the all new S&P Series


Urpekari 160 ... simply a diving wiggly freak ... gotta sweep it to believe it!

Lure Weight: 60g

Lure Length: 160mm

Floating, injected plastic.

Recommended hooks sizes: already packaged rigged with BKK RaptorZ.


from Maker ...

After a few years of prototyping and work we can enjoy the new Amegari kids, this time made of injected plastic.

I have always liked working with wood and making wooden lures but I have also always been excited to have a series of plastic lures. I decided to work on a series of injected plastic lures because I think there is a gap in the market, especially thinking about making small-size lures, and being able to offer fishermen another type of lure and with a lower price compared to lures made of wood by hand. I will continue as always with the wooden lures, nothing will change, and I will continue working on adding more models and sizes to the plastic series that I have started.
Much enthusiasm and much desire in this new project !!!!

2 models - Urpekari 160mm and 60gr - Flavie 110mm sinking, with two different weights 30gr and 48gr

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