BEAT Propagate Slow Pitch Rods

AED. 2,390.00
Transmission performance from deep range required for slow pitch protagate's carbon material is designed with ultra-high elasticity 40 t carbon and high elastic 30 t carbon beat's unique composite carbon. To precisely control slow jig, slow speed special rod with 6 ft 6 inch ultra high sensitivity parapolic action blank fully bent to pad end. Everything is to improve the sensitivity to the limit, Prank painting is primer finish only for waterproofing. Guide is adopted for each model full tantan small aperture guide # 2 # 3 top diameter 5.5, # 4 6.0. It is a prop rod that you can realize the amount of information on the ocean floor that I have not felt before.
■bp606-1 【長さ:6.6ft(2.01m)、メタルジグウエイトアベレージ:80g
■bp606-4 【長さ:6.6ft(2.01m)、メタルジグウエイトアベレージ:200g
■bp603-6 【長さ:6.3ft(1.91m)、メタルジグウエイトアベレージ:300g

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