Black Ledge Peanut 100g

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Black Ledge Lures must have some juju to them, as they're over fishing any other lure nowadays .... 

The Peanut Stickbaits will cast a mile, and with little rod tip efforts, bring hell loose!

Slow sinking 100g x 160mm

Long sweeps produce sub-surface tail thudding and swimming action. 

Wounded, rolling walk the dog can be done easily with short jerks. 

Straight wind produces erratic swimming action.

Sinks slowly, with wobble and flash on the pause. 

The 100g Size was originally developed for Peak Sportfishing to outsmart finicky GTs, casts a mile and catch fish with any rod work, even by a total a novice. Its inbuilt action means you really can’t retrieve it wrong.

Since its release it has been proven to catch those finicky fish, converting window shoppers into trophy catches!

Lure Weight: 100g

Recommended Hooks: BKK Raptor Z 3/0 and/or Yamai Size #35 belly and tail.

Slow Sinking

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