Black Ledge VLF Popper 160g

AED. 515.00

Again ... juju work on them poppers! Super easy to work with the right rod, but presence is insane, with little splash and massive "blop" sound that would be heard from deep down. Very unique "V" shape cup face.

Finish, durability, wiring, shine, epoxy ... just top and gotta use it to believe!

160g x 210mm - Cup face 50mm x 45mm

Long sweeps produce big bloops and spray with swimming action.

Higher rod tip creates more spray, lower angle creates more subsurface turbulence.

Asymmetric cup and profile combined with a low tow point all reduce angler fatigue whilst maximising water disturbance. Due to this design, the VLF popper can be fished without the need for a dedicated popping broomstick.

Timber construction with insanely thick epoxy shell.

Lure weight: 160g

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