Blaze Garage Kimitsu 120g

AED. 237.00


Blaze Garage Kimitsu is an extremely well balanced large blooping popper that casts a mile and moves a bucket load of water!

Horizontal tail loop delivers easy rigging, along with NT belly swivel. Designed by world renowed Topper Puntawong, this lure is pure class.

The 120gm (210mm) model boasts a solid 45mm diameter cup & still moves plenty of water with ease.

If you're after a popper with a large presence, big noise and splash, yet easy to cast..... Blaze Kimitsu is it!

Lure Length: 210mm

Lure Weight: Approx 120g

Cup Diameter: 45mm ... "Leaving Holes Behind"

Recommended Hooks: BKK GT Rex trebles size 6/0 and Yamai Crafter 5/0

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