Boss Braid 8X Hi-Lite

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AED. 90.00

The BOSS BRAID HI-LITE SERIES are braided from 8 high-quality PE yarns with a braid construction that is designed to give the best combination of suppleness and strength.  It is soft as silk and very thin.  X8 will cast further due to it suppleness.  Practically no memory and zero stretch. And NOW for the bonus part, the HI-LITE series offers anglers a colour variation every 10 meters. This aids anglers in depth or distance fishing. Now you can continuously fish those feeding zones knowing how many meters.

  • Braided from 8 high quality PE yarns
  • Silky soft with a thin diameter.
  • X8 will cast further due to its suppleness.
  • Fresh and saltwater friendly braid.
  • Practically no memory and zero stretch.

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