Decoy BIG Treble Y-S23 Moster Class

AED. 220.00


Freshly Made In Japan ... for MOSTER CLASS

The legendary treble hook “SALTWATER BIG & GT SPECIAL” is refined with the latest modern technology “Y-S23 BIG”. Compatible with all kinds of large fish such as GT and tuna. Big treble with thick shaft wire that can handle high drag fights. A superb curve point with good power conduction and a long taper make it surprisingly smooth. As the name suggests, it is the strongest treble with no blind spots by dressing a reliable lure to get a big one.
  • Adopts a unique curve point that minimizes damage to the lure and raises the holding force to reduce burr.
  • Adopting a smart eye that makes it easy to pass heavy rings without opening more than necessary, and reduces the opening that causes strength deterioration as much as possible.
  • Uses heavy wire to withstand monster-sized targets.
  • High corrosion-resistant tin plating and aqua block treatment that prevents rust.

Size: #7/0 - 6 per pack, Hook Weight: 16.5 
Size: #8/0 - 6 per pack, Hook Weight: 19
Size: #10/0 - 4 per pack , Hook Weight: 25

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