Decoy Grand Pike Assist DJ-100

AED. 29.00


New 2019 Sizes ... 

These products have been developed with quality in mind. All use specially designed hooks finished in Gold and Resin finished while the hook has been forged by using a two dimensional process. This hook quality has been matched by using assist loop material which is a hybrid braid line. Braided with dyneema and premium fibres.

Size #1:    3pcs per pack, Strength: 120lb.

Size #1/0: 3pcs per pack, Strength: 160lb.

Size #2/0: 3pcs per pack, Strength: 200lb.

Size #5/0: 2pcs per pack, Strength: 450lb.

Size #6/0: 2pcs per pack, Strength: 450lb.

Size #8/0: 2pcs per pack, Strength: 675lb.

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