Favorite Shooter Offshore

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FAVORITE Shooter Offshore is a high class offshore spinning rod. It is developed for fishing with different kind of hard plastic lures like jerking minnows, stickbaits and poppers. Furthermore, the light models are suitable also for fishing with softbaits due to high blank sensitivity.

High modulus blank is quite stiff and rigid, that is why the rod is perfect for jerking and popping techniques as well as fighting with strong pelagic predators. The long handle with a special shape of butt cap is comfortable for casting big baits and fighting with large fish.

The rod is equipped with Fuji anti-tangle guides with special anti-rust plated frames.


MODEL         LENGTH,m           LURE /JIG      Line

7615MH         2.35m                   25-80g          PE 2-3

8015H            2.44m                   40-120g        PE 4-5

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