Favorite X1 SW

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Reasonably priced versatile rod developed for shore fishing. Favorite X1 SW has good casting ability, power and toughness. These features make the rod ready to meet strong pelagic fish. The rod is equipped with modern anti-tangle guides placed according to KR-concept. They have an optimal size to use with a thick fluorocarbon leader. X1 is suitable for a wide variety of lures and techniques. It works well with jerkbaits, stickbaits and topwater lures as well as for shore jigging with metal jigs.


MODEL         LENGTH,           LURE /JIG    Line

 802M           2.44m                   7-28g           PE 0.6-1.5

862MH         2.63m                   10-30g         PE 0.8-1.5

902MH         2.75m                   10-30g         PE  1-2

902H            2.75m                    15-45g        PE 1.5-2.5


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