Favorite X1 Offshore 702M

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Reasonably priced versatile boat 2-in-1 rod. Favorite X1 Offshore was developed to be used for casting fishing as well as for vertical jigging technique. The moderate rod action is suitable for slow and medium animation of metal jigs. At the same time, the blank is stiff enough for jerking and popping.

Special reinforced put-in joint type makes the curve of blank smoother and more durable; it eliminates the weak place of the blank. The rod consists of 2 pieces, thereby it is compact and easy in transportation.

The optimal handle length is perfect for casting big lures and holding it in vertical jigging. In addition, an ergonomic foregrip and special shape of butt cap are designed for convenience when fighting with big fish.

FAVORITE X1 Offshore 702M

Lure:  20-60g

Jig: 50-130g

Line: PE 2-3

Length: 2.14m

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