Fish Inc Flanker Sinking 85 Stick Bait 19g

AED. 49.00


Fish Inc Flanker Sinking Stick Bait 19g


The Flanker is designed for targeting fish that want a high-speed baitfish presentation.

Ideal for that light tackle flick stick the Flanker has a great casting ability and comes in a variety of fish catching colours. The Flanker can be fished in a variety of different ways to suit the conditions at hand.

For both shore based and offshore angling. Versatile design, proven colours and life-like  finishes make the Flanker a go-to for Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor,
Salmon, Trevally, Queen fish and more…

Fitted with heavy duty Owner ST-56 quality treble hooks.

Length: 85mm

Weight: 19g

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