Fish Inc FLY HALF Popper 16g

AED. 49.00


Fish Inc FLY HALF Popper 16g


The Fly Half is our second popper in our Big Game Series. Significantly smaller than the Scrum Half, coming in at 80mm and 16g it’s the perfect surface lure for a variety of game fish.

The smaller size and unique belly design result in a great ‘walk the dog’ action that will drive fish wild. The inner foil colours are also great on this lure as not only will the fish be called to the surface movement, but also by the reflection into the depths of the inner foil as the lure turns from side to side.

Nothing can beat the thrill of some top water action and nothing will beat the success you will experience with the Fly Half Poppers.


Length: 80mm

Weight: 16g

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