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Fish Trippers Village LeGrand Tango 140

AED. 253.00

Must be one of the hottest lure in Japan!

New wide body for the extra wobbly swim action.

Great lure for those targeting Tuna, Geets.

High density polyurethane hand crafted.



"Dragging fish also drags out" Le Gran Tango is a diving pencil bait developed on the theme of "dragging out fish that can not be caught", while further refining the elements that can be caught, while retaining the advantages of Libertango who gained the support of many people. LiberTango Three Key Extremely Quick Response. Realization of high strength, non-precipitation structure by adopting new materials. Wide dart created from wide flat side and intense flushing 

High strength hard urethane made (unsuspended hybrid structure) 

140 mm / 39 g (main body)

Recomended Hooks: BKK Diablo 3/0 and/or BKK Raptor Z 2/0

Made in Japan.