Full Scale Kong 180

AED. 295.00
AED. 199.00

The original Kong Poppers that are built tough to handle the biggest GT`s. Extensively tested at Bugatti Reef, Kiribati and New Caledonia where they accounted for a vast amount of GT`s as well as many other reef species.

Rigged with a 540kg Belly swivel these poppers are as strong as you get. Their unique design creates pops and bloops well beyond their size.

Perfect for shallow reef areas and lagoons where smaller baitfish such as Fusiliers are found. Built to the same tough standards found in all the Full Scale range. 

During field testing these lures produced many large captures including – GT, Napoleon Wrasse, Coral Trout, Red Bass and Spanish Mackerel to name a few. 

Kong 180 can handle combined hook weights up to 30 grams including split rings. 

Kong 180 has been tested with a combination of different hooks: Trebles include: Owner ST 66 5/0 front and rear Gamakatsu Recorder 5/0 F & B,

Rigging Recommendation; BKK GT Rex 5/0 Belly and Single 7/0 Shout Kudako at back.


140gm and 180mm long

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