Full Breach Dgar 250s

AED. 295.00
AED. 177.00

DGar 250s

Initial testing in Diego Garcia proved that this lure is a solid contender.

After successfully fooling pressured giant trevally, plans for this design accelerated to this final product. The Dgar series casts extremely well and is easy to work back. Retrieve at a fast cadence and the tail end will flap from side to side quickly. slower paces will make the DGar glide side to side in a slow rolling motion. PAUSE IT TO SINK TO REACH DESIRED DEPTH. twitching the rod tip will make it rise to the surface.

The body is made up of a high impact urethane plastic which is mixed and poured by hand. The stainless 1.6mm through wired attachment points are also bent by hand with specialized tools.

Each lure undergoes an extensive paint finish process beginning with a 2k high build epoxy primer. Top shelf automotive grade urethane paints make up the base coat and is coated with a high solids ''euro'' clear. Afterwards, holographic inlays or masking treatment follows. Several coats of epoxy encases the finish along with airbrushed details in between.


The DGar 250s is the sinking version of this swim bait. WITH THE APPROPRIATE HOOKS IT SINKS SLOWLY.

Recommended hooks are BKK Raptor Z 3/0-4/0

Length: 250mm

Weight: 155gr

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