GPC G3 240

AED. 286.00
AED. 140.00

The G3 is a multi target topwater stickbait That can be used on reefs or way offshore. It has a boxy body design including a flat dorsal anterior That Produces a rolling motion S as the lure moves across the surface. Retrieve it using the medium to long rod sweeps for great dive and splash action. 
The lure's rear weight is sufficient enough That users can opt to use large single hooks instead of Trebles. GPC reccommends ST66 3 / 0s with this lure Although anglers may decide to go as light as 2/0. Generally speaking, the lighter the hook size the more erratic the lure's action will be. 
This lure was hand carved and individually balanced. It is wired through with a heavy duty stainless steel swivel. The exterior has six coats of a super clear and durable epoxy finish That give it a remarkable shine in the sun light.

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