GT Icecream FlatFace R (White)

AED. 53.00

Each Flat Face is individually handmade and indestructable. It is perfect for Hawaii and the rocks fisherman fish off, the plug won't break. The Flat Face was developed to counter the effect of strong cross-winds that can send a lure skipping across the surface at the end of a large bow in the line, making them difficult for the fish to see. The Flat Face has a slightly flatter cross-section providing more surface slap, rather than the square of the Needle Nose and Skinny.  It also has a chopped off nose giving it the flat face which provides better water holding in the wind and a lot more noise and spray in the chop.


Length:13.5cm, Weight: 2oz

Length:14.5cm, Weight: 3oz

Length:15.5cm, Weight: 4oz

Length:17cm, Weight: 5oz

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