Hogy - Harness Jig

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Good Looks: Each harness jig is airbrushed by hand and features lifelike eyes that do not fall off plus natural colors that imitate sand eels, herring, mackerel, squid and eels. Flared gills with underside red airbrushed finish adds to its realistic look.

Added Advantage: While our Harness Jig can be used with a wide variety of baits, we designed it to interface perfectly with our HDUV baits, which give you an extra edge on days when fish are scattered and underwater visibility is poor. Our HDUV two-tone baits also perfectly match the coloration of the heads and after extensive testing we tweaked the profile for a life-like tail quiver.

Fish-ability: This jig is carefully balanced to ensure a natural drop and retrieve, and the SI Harness is our custom design featuring a 4X VMC hook with built in ball-bearing swivel. The harness is extended to minimize counter productive tail snags and ensure positive hook ups. With the prefect blend of weight and profile it is totally responsive to angler articulation.

Brawn!: The VMC super sharp hook features a sickle taper point and is stronger than any other hook on the market. It is connected with 500-pound test line and the connection is shrink-wrapped for maximum durability.

Jig Head Weight: 3oz 4Oz

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