Horus Jig - Maghazel

AED. 42.00
AED. 31.50

Maghazel Horus Jigs

The streamlined design plus the tail weighted design gives it leaps different trends results in ease of drag-and-down speed falling. This design has been done only the medium action. Horus team have been working on a new version of Maghazel since 2012 in order to reace the needed jig length. Horus team have added a reflection of a new silver nickel stickers. Add them to new colors that gave the jigs it vital to have a new and vital body in the eyes of the fish compared to all that has been Algijat descent into the water yet

Length: 230mm Weight: 150g.

Length: 270mm Weight: 200g.

Length: 330mm Weight: 250g.

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