hPa Fish Grip Orange

AED. 124.00


Straight from the USA where it has existed for many years, FISHGRIP PLASTIC is finally available in France. Its self-locking pliers type of construction plastic and stainless material brings only advantages over traditional fish clips:

It Does not rust (ideal for the sea)
It Fleet and is brightly colored (ideal for kayaking or float tube)
It Is lightweight (250 grams, it will forget fishing on foot)
It Opens and locks with one hand
It Does not damage the fish through the contact surface of its jaws wide and without sharp edges
It Turns when held by the integrated cord
It Fits perfectly into the pockets of HPA bags, especially the new Sooper Trooper (tm) for street fishing

Important: Use FISHGRIP PLASTIC or other clamp carefully not to hurt the fish. Do not hang from the mouth and always support your body with the second hand. Whenever possible, leave the fish in the water and only use the clamp to hold the time to remove hooks.

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