Lamble Bait - Diving HAOLI 190

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Early release, large size getting information from all over the country.
We inherited the trust of the popular casting lure "Haoli Pencil 150 mm". Another high spec wood lure is born.
The upright balance body of a new concept realizes a degree of appeal that is more stable than ever imagined.
From the fall of 2010, veteran angler continued to catch large fishing results! We are getting fruits of joy from various fields.

Featuring sound generated by strong diving is characterized.

Diving Haoli completed the test mainly on the Genkai-Nada and the Sea of ​​Japan and features predatory sounds generated. High fishing was recorded. Since then. A wood body entangled with water with intense input makes it easy to produce thick bubbling and splendid S-shaped trajectory. It is a must see also the predation sound generated by strong diving and the high balance body which move well. It is easy to use even for beginners and women. So it is recommended for Anglers general who wants to enjoy casting game

2010 Release
発売早々、 全国から大型ゲット情報が続出!
 強いダイビングで 発生する捕食音が特徴
強め入力で 水に絡みつくウッドボディは、濃い泡引きと華麗なS字軌道を簡単に演出。

Length: 190mm Weight: 85g (+-2g)

Best with Hooks - BKK Raptor Z #3/0


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