Lamble Bait - Haoli F2

AED. 95.00

Haoli's theory appeared in June 2008. A totally new jig that inherited Flushing. Suddenly hit in test fishing at Fukui Prefecture. The right picture is exactly the moment! The test is also very satisfied with the power of F2. On that day, the sea of ​​Beta Nagi was unpredictable, but despite having fought hard, we took a full jig. It became a big problem on board, Appearance that appeals to understand well that slo appears to shine glowingly underwater. If you try it you will find that fun! In the upcoming army jig, "Haoli F2" is a premonition essential.These of beta the test. But despite of fought hard. We took a full jig. It became a big problem on board.  
2009 Release

2008年6月、フラッシング・ハオリの理論を受け継いだ全く新しいジグが登場しました!福 井県小浜(協力:富 丸様)でのテスト釣行でいきなり大鰤をヒット!


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