Lamble Bait - Flashing HAOLI

AED. 95.00


Extreme jig with shining track record for greater amberjack and yellowtail!

Increased flashing effect with highest quality plain hologram.


Random dart and side to side falling.

Powered by character edges on! The concept of explosion slim & long is equipped in HAOLI Flushing.

5 thousand jigs a day Fierce battlefield "It is a fishing jig where a large number of Kanpachi and Mezzo are caught in Akashi Strait.

Random horizontal dart by slow & middle jerk and side to side falling stopping with huge will not catch big things and escape

Smart body with high quality holo in body sharpened by hand.

It improves the flushing effect to a deformed four-face cut crafted by hand. One by one without changing and compromise, The body that minimized coloring is flushing with glittering even in the ocean where there is a lot of turbidity. If you make appeal of the existence of the jig in an outstanding flushing body.

Light Type demonstrates high fishery to red snapper. Purple Gold is recommended.




Plain hologram on front, striped hologram on back (edge glow) for 240g, 380g and 540g. 


ランダム ダート&パラパラフォーリング
への字エッジ搭載!爆釣スリム&ロングのコンセプトを搭載したフラッシングハオリは、一日5千個のジグが降る”激戦地”明石海峡で、カンパチやメジロを多 数仕留 めた激釣ジグです。

手研で研ぎ澄まさ れたボディに、高品質ホロをスマートに搭載
妥協を許さず手 で一つ一つ研磨した変形4面カットに、フラッシング効果を増強した、最高級プレーンホロ泊を搭載!着色を最小現に控えたボ ディーは濁りの多 い近海でもギラ ギラとフラッシングします!

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