Lamble Bait - Flat HAOLI

AED. 82.00


Hand-sanded and flat on both sides!

Both sides formed with superb flatness. Edge lines on both sides complement delicate movement with flashing light to attract fish!

Flat Haoli, Flat Haoli.

Hirauchi Abiru. It is polished until it produces the perfect movement. Formed on both sides flatly sticking out flat surface. it is the excistence of Hirauchi HAOLI.

Improve based on the thin 160 g model tested in 1998. The finished form is characterized by the ultimate smart body. A ridgeline on both sides of the flat body. Flash in delicate movements and keep fish away. 90g. up to 210g. center balance with a center of gravity of 57 to 63% .A spiral orbit of 1 to 1.5 m and a straight short dart can be produced

Propaganda with a phenomenal appeal.

From the field of view of the fish there are extremely fine edges that can only be seen as lines. It provokes a big game with a phenomenal appeal. Realized a high degree of completeness in each size repetitive correction by manual research. 90 g also supports casting!

In response to popularity. Flat Haoli exclusively for casting and Flat Haoli of Tachio style are also available in various variations. Please choose the color / shape according to the target.


2000 Release

ヒラウチ HAOLI、フラットハオリ!
1998年にテストした薄型の160gモデルをもとに改良を重ね、完成したフォルムは究極のスマートボディが特徴的。フラットボディの両面にある穏やかな 稜線が、繊細な動きの中でフラッシュし魚を寄せ付けて離しません!!

驚異的なアピール で大物を挑発!!
魚の視野からは線にしか見えない極細エッジと、幅広のギラッと輝くフラット面の相乗効果は、驚異的なアピールで大物を挑発します。各サイズとも手研による 修正を繰り返された高完成度を実現。
90gはキャスティングにも対応!ご好評にお応えして、キャスティング専用フラットハオリや、タチウオ仕様のフラットハオリもバリエーション豊富に揃えてい ます。

Jig Weigth: Weight: 210g - Length: 165mm

                   Weight: 270g - Length: 200mm

                   Weight: 330g - Length:  233mm

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