Lamble Bait - HAOLI Slim & Long 230g

AED. 88.00

Sharp Body with Curved Edges

"Fat" Haoli with two faces on the front and backThis HAOLI Slim & Long (Slim & Long) appeared as a fishing jig of spinning correspondence model. With large spiral and natural swimming style, main target of jigging such as Kanpachi and HiramasaI have surely hit it. Slim & Long's unique action style is a must-see.!!Jig Weigth: 230g 192mm
1997 Release

表裏 2つの顔を持つ、“切れ者”ハオリ
スピニング対応モデルの激釣ジグと して登場したのが、このHAOLI Slim&Long(スリム&ロング)。
確実にヒットさせて きました。スリム&ロング特有のアクションスタイルは必見です!!


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