LiveTarget - Blueback Herring Jointed BBH SW

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AED. 76.00

Triple-segmented, slow-sinking swimbait
Has a slender body with a triple segmented fuselage supported by tandem hinges, for a durable and tantalizing action
Model Size Style Depth Weight
BBH115SK 4.5'' Slow Sink 0.5/second <1.0 oz
BBH115FS 4.5'' Fast Sink 1/second >1.0 oz
BBH141SK 5.5'' Slow Sink 0.5/second 1 5/8 oz
BBH141FS 5.5'' Fast Sink 1/second 1 3/4 oz
BBH165SK 6.5'' Slow Sink 0.5/second 2 3/8 oz
BBH165FS 6.5'' Fast Sink 1/second 2 1/2 oz

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