Loon UV Knot Sense

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AED. 35.00
With UV Knot Sense you can smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots immediately. After application, it dries instantly with Loon’s UV Mini Lamp, UV Power Light or with direct sunlight. Also works great for repairing damaged flies and completing household projects.

    Ideal for coating knots for strength
    Smoothes knots to easily slide through guides
    Cures soft and pliable
    Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
    Quickly repairs damaged flies
    While shaded from the sun, apply enough UV Knot Sense to coat knots. Rotate line or use applicator to form UV Knot Sense to desired shape. Expose to sun light or use one of Loon’s UV lights to cure. In direct sun (or when using Loon’s UV Lights) hardening should take approximately 15 seconds.


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