Manuale All-Terrain Sandal

AED. 225.00

Fresh from Japan

Manuale/Manuare's all terrain sandals are elegant EVA sandals that have never been seen before. Great attention to grip performance and fit. There are ten water drain holes in that sole. Water will smoothly come out as surprisingly. Together with the upper of the meatless, it is difficult to feel the sinking and weight of irritated water, just underwater. It is also recommended for sea climbing and rock climbing. 

Grip sole; EVA with harder abrasion resistance is used as a separate part for the sole to keep the grip power. In addition, we are making the parts divided into four so as not to impair the softness.


XS ..  25.0 ~ 25.5 cm (Europe size 40) 
S ...   25.5 ~ 26.0 cm (Europe size 41) 
M ...  26.0 ~ 26.5 cm (Europe size 42) 
L ...   26.5 ~ 27.0 cm (Europe size 43)
XXL . 27.5 - 28.0 cm (Europe size 45)

The above is approximate size. Fitting depends on the shape of the foot and the height of the instep, with or without socks.

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