Marvel Pops Frosty 130

AED. 230.00


Possibly one of the best poppers we've seen and developed! Very unique features, that you'll rarely see combined in a single popper;

Oversized cup face - 45mm on the 100g, 53mm for the biggest model, 150g. These will dig a hole in the water behind on each pop, bringing Geets/Tuna up from way below. Flat wings on belly sides, giving a massive bubble trail. Also holding water when popping in ripping currents. Oversized eyes - now allot underestimate the effect of poppers eyes during each sweep ... out of mega trials, they have a massive take on catch rate.

Lure Spec

Length: 180mm

Weight; 130g

Cup diameter; 50mm

Recommended Hooks: BKK GT Rex 6/0 Belly and Rear, or GT Rex 6/0 Belly and Shout Kudako 8/0 Rear

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