Nomad Design Riptide 155mm 45g F (rigged)

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AED. 104.00
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Comes Fitted with 5X Strong 4/0 Tail inline single and 3/0 Double belly hooks by BKK 

The riptide 155, 200 and 265 feature the exclusive Nomad Design Matrix Metal Plate, HD-ABS and HD Foam systems (265 only). Combined with perfectly matched BKK inline hooks (155 and 200 only) and super strong split rings.

The Riptide 265mm is supplied unrigged. We recommend using 2 x 12/0 BKK DEEP 6X hooks on the belly, rigged back to back, and a BKK DEEP 6X size 12/0 with double split rings on the tail. Alternately, a pair of 7/0 BKK GT Rex barbless trebles should be used.



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