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North Craft BLV 25g

AED. 35.00 AED. 50.00


BLV - 25G Slim shape metal vibe (so-called steel plate vibrator.) Pull resistance is light with a roll type of not too flashy and features a low fatigue level even for long hours of use despite the fact that the weight is 25 g , It's easy to use even in the shallow area as it was fished at the surf the other day . Moreover, hook size is using No. 6 and we have applied measures to prevent balancing , and you can fight with confidence even if you hang a big fish . In day games and quick winding of shallow, it is attached to the front hole. When you want to use it where there is a water depth or slow, I use the back eye. It seems that the day game will be interesting soon, so I 'm happy if you can put BLV in a corner of rotation