Richter Jelly Babe (Twin Pack) 4"

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Richter Lures Trolling Skirts
2 Per Pack - Great Value
Hand Made In South Africa
Little Lures for Big Fish!
 3 x UV Enhanced
Often when targeting game fish like
Tuna etc they are feeding on small
bait and wont take a big lure .....
That's when you try a Jelly Babe!
Perfect for anglers fishing lighter line also.

Length - 10 cm (4 inch's)
Weight - 6g
Ideal Hook - 4/0
The Jelly Babe is exactly as its title suggests,
the soft head baby of the Richter range, it was initially
designed for ultra light weight game fish on ultra, ultra
light tackle but has now accounted for an enormous
variety of species on various line classes and is
becoming more popular every day

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