Richter - Soft Oscar XL 13''

AED. 225.00
AED. 135.00

Richter Lures Softheads Soft Oscar XL 13” Trolling Lure Soft Oscar XL - now bigger and better! Don’t be fooled by the title of this lure as it is in no way soft when it comes to catching fish! The Soft Oscar’s life-like feel is simply irresistible to all game fish and its light weight construction allows the lure to be used on a wider variety of line classes and in any position. Calm to medium sea conditions suit the Soft Oscar best - Nick Hocking.


Recommended Usage & Rigging Boat Speed 8 - 9kn

Line Class 15 - 37kg
Leader Strength 200 - 300lb
Hook Size 11/0
Lure Weight 180g

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