Richter Wind-On Leader

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The Richter Wind On Leader is a high quality and tough monofilament leader that can withstand long runs and headshakes when targeting both fresh and saltwater fish. This line is rated to 60 pounds, and comes supplied with enough line to top shot your spool. Simply connect this leader to your line with an Albright knot, or any other of the knots that create a strong connection between 2 lines. If you are fishing with braided line, a leader is absolutely essential because it is more likely to withstand shocks that occur when a fish realises that it is hooked, or is splashing about boatside. Monofilament has more stretch than braid, so it can absorb this energy without breaking. This super-tough, abrasive-resistant 60-pound line is ideal when targeting dolphin fish, kingfish and other hard-fighting fish. The Richter Wind On Leader is made in Australia, and won’t let you down during your next fishing trip.

      Australian made
      Produced using the highest quality materials
      Made with shogun or momoi big game line

      Available in 80lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb

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