Rod Armour Case Blue Light/Medium Tackle with CrocClip (5 to 7'6")

AED. 53.00


Adjustable Length: 5' to 7'6"

Light to Medium Gear (for heavy Tuna and Tuna rods, please click here)

Our Premium Armoured Rod Cases are engineered with Flexi-Armour to offer the most durable, protective and adjustable case in the world.

We have implemented revolutionary patented technology, design and properties to ensure that Rod Armour's cases are the superior choice to cheaper imitations. We have spent months prototyping, designing and engineering our cases to ensure they are the best they can be. We are continually updating and refining our designs based on customer feedback to ensure you get the best protection for your rod.

All cases come with CrocClip; The CrocClip is a vital accessory to your armoured cases. Firstly, It allows you to roll your case to the perfect size and keep it there, by simply snapping the clip over the end. Secondly, it stops your case sliding up when transporting your rod.
How to Use: Place Clip over cover, snap it in place, place loop over reel handle.

You spend good money on your rods, why not spend a little more and protect them with Rod Armour today.





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