Rod Armour LureShield

AED. 29.00


Rigging up fishing rods before a fishing trip has many advantages with the most obvious being ready to cast out a line as soon as you arrive at your destination. The downsides to this are that lures and hooks tend to hook and tangle with other rods, car seats and carpets. The LureShield is designed to simply wrap around your hooks or lures to prevent them from getting caught and tangled. 

The LureShield is made from a pierce resistant material. The circular shape of the LureShield is designed to adjust to many different shaped and sized lures and hooks, from soft plastics to 100mm hardbody lures, it is a vital accessory.

As far as hook covers go, it is easy to use, fits multiple sizes and allows a rod case to slide straight over the top of the LureShield. Giving you a convenient and easy solution to now have all your rods rigged before you go fishing.

Step 1: Unfold LureShieldStep

Step 2: Wrap around lure

Step 3: Link velcro straps

Taking the hassle out of transportation and allowing you to transport rigged rods.



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