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RST Supply Nezul 180 Economy Class is an extremely rare highly sought after handmade Japanese wooden lure used to target a large range of pelagic fish. 

Increased buoyancy of NEZUL creates a unique action. Due to this, a unique diving action may occur. When this happens do not stop working the lure. NEZUL is not always a diving pencil that allows you to dive and float accurately.

Baitfish such as flying fish will jump out and escape while splashing on surface fleeing from predators, the NEZUL has been designed to mimic this unexpected action.

RST believe walking the dog action and skipping is not a mistake. There are many actions you can use with Nezul such as sliding, skipping and walking the dog etc.

The NEZUL is a lure that is versatile and surprising that will wake fish up in the most pickiest situations 

Size: 180mm 
Weight: 60g

  • Double Single Hook : 4/0 BKK Lone Diablo
  • Treble Hook: BKK Raptor Z 3/0 

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