Seafloor Control Arc

AED. 99.00
AED. 70.00

ARCis a semi-long jig. It works in high-pitch, slow-pitch, and long-fall as well. The years of field tests show that it works great in medium action tone for runners like AJ and yellowtail. And it also works great in very soft action tone for delicious but ever cautious deep sea fish like blackthroat seaperch.

When you are on a free-drifting boat and have hard time to stay vertical, you can count on this jig. Fast to fall. It is designed to work in super deep water, in a lot of water influence. It works well in strong currents.
When given a strong impact, it’s got the shape that carries the momentum to go far to the side. Also when falling, the center-balanced semi-long jig does a lot of flashing and spinning rotations, hence, it draws a lot of attentions.

200g, 230g and 260g have been approved by Sato Sensei, and now on sale. But he hasn’t given a go to other weights yet. They need more fine-tuning.


Length:17cm. Weight: 200g.

Length:17.5cm. Weight: 230g.

Length:18cm. Weight: 260g.

Length:21cm. Weight: 320g.



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