Seaguar Fluorocarbon 60m

AED. 45.00
AED. 20.00

Seaguar Original is a premium fluorocarbon line of well balance, made of high-quality fluorocarbon polymer. The line body is moderately flexible, and it is easy to handle. The fluorocarbon material has 1.78 weight ratio to sink fast in water. It vanishes in water and is the best material for leader. Since its debut in 1971, Kureha has been improving this Seaguar Original periodically to make the best single polymer fluorocarbon leader in market.
Suitable for almost all leader purpose of both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Kureha is the first company to develop fluorocarbon line in market, and still the only polymer manufacturer of fluorocarbon line in Japan. Seaguar lines are made of the most advanced polymer material in market directly from Kureha Chemical R&D department.

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