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Seikai Collection Top Jumper

AED. 195.00

"TOP JUMPER" (Top Jumper)

The concept of "top jumper" is fantastic, the distance that fly out and the small dog walking action. It was the answer that arrived at the end after thinking about what Lure is asking for when aiming the blue objects such as the chestnut and hiramasa with the lure. Whether it is an offshore game or a shore game, unless you cast the lure to the place where you splashed with splashes, you cannot get a hit.If you cannot confirm Boyle, skipping a distance to 1 meter and exploring a wide area increases the possibility of a hit. In addition, the small dog walking action stimulates them, so that the fish with the switch will jump out with a lure on the surface of the water. With the beautiful finish, I'm confident that you will be satisfied with the ease of use of "top jumper" and the flight distance of the deck.

Length: 16.5cm, Weight: 50g
Length: 19.5cm, Weight: 80oz