Seikai Collection Top Skater

AED. 205.00

Seikai Collection Top Skater

In order to enjoy the top water game as a real feeling ", I would like to be a lure that can always capture the things I use (the things the angler himself manipulates), not just the lure that I can retrieve somehow.

From the standpoint of fishing, it is a top water plug made to expand the game as excitable as possible.

The concept is "to catch fun without stress."

The thing that felt the most stress when fishing this tea is that there is no flying distance. Lack of flight distance in a windless situation is out of the question. The problem is the flying distance in the wind blowing. "TOP SKATER", first of all, priority was given to the flight distance.  No matter how good the action lure it is also a matter of wanting to make a flight distance and want to be scared, there are no hives to catch unless it reaches where the fish is. Therefore, it was the distance that I continued to think as top priority.

If the action is good furthermore, this may be said to be a perfect lure anymore.

"TOP SKATER" aimed for skating action (dog walking).  If you retrieve while lightly twisting the rod, start to swing your neck to the right to the right. Of course, because it is a floating type, you can check it one by one with your own eyes.

The recommended hook is 170 mm in size, 3 / 0.200 mm size of "ST 56" manufactured by the owner, 4/0 of the same "ST 66".  The color is three colors of sardine, shihuushi, flying fish.


Length: 17cm, Weight: 40g

Length: 20.5cm, Weight: 75g

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