Shout Lighten Technical Slow Jerker

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LIGHTEN Slow Style jerking action that jigs could be ignored has the bite-inducing technique that you cannot relish with power jigging action, as opposed to speedy and strong jerking action by high gear reel and darting action that confuses the target. Control the rod softly and you can feel the water pressure that the jig is receiving. The power of the rod,

control strength and the moment until the next movement - the action of the jig changes depending on the line handling during that moment. Let’s try the action of the jig at the side of a boat to start with. When your image of the jig inside the water synchronizes with your tackle, then you can establish a new jigging style.


Length: 110mm, Weight: 50g.

Length: 120mm, Weight: 70g.

Length: 130mm, Weight: 90g.

Length: 140mm, Weight: 120g.

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